•  UCMAS Course Instructor
  •  English Curriculum Teacher
  •  French Curriculum Teacher
  •  Math Curriculum Teacher
  •  Administrative Assistant
  •  Volunteers Marketing Intern
  •  UCMAS Course Instructor


Job Code
: UT / 1032
Job Title
: UCMAS Course Instructors
: Scarborough
Job Type
: Part Time (Week Day Evening Hours) & Week Ends
Students Age
: 4 Years to 13 Years


UCMAS Course Instructor:


Galaxy Toppers is a UCMAS Mental Math School which has been instrumental in training children in the renowned UCMAS Mental Math Program. The focus of the program is to establish whole brain development in children aged 4-13 years and to train them to activate the brain power using Mental Math. Our staff is made of loving and dedicated teachers who understand each child’s needs. They are trained and qualified childhood educators who are able to use their creativity and the UCMAS Level based guidelines as the basis for tailored lesson plans that are brought to life in a fun and imaginative way




  • Develop and submit weekly lesson plans adhering to the level based guidelines one week prior to the class
  • Meet the individual needs of the children and provide monthly progress reports for each student
  • Track attendance; Mark the class worksheets within the classes and review homework post the classes
  • Provide regular feedback to parent and act as a point of communication with them
  • Participate in monthly staff meetings, in-house level orientation sessions, center events
  • Attend all 8 Levels’ company-sponsored training sessions and successful completion of training and trainer expectations
  • Complete each level’s Course Instructor material prior to taking over a class with students in that new level
  • Interact with the children to support play, exploration, and learning
  • Present expectations those are appropriate to the child’s age and developmental level
  • Plan and implement activities that develop each child’s self-esteem and social skills
  • Commit to continuing education and adapt to the evolving course design




  • Background in mathematics (Nice to have)
  • Minimum 6 months experience in teaching, UCMAS Skills not required
  • Demonstrated knowledge of developmentally appropriate practices
  • Strong English written and communication skills
  • Dedicated to learning new skills and teaching techniques, Stable and looking for a long-term satisfying career
  • Extensive training will be provided to the selected candidate