What is UCMAS (Universal Concept of Mental Arithmetic System)?

We at Galaxy Toppers offer the UCMAS Mental Math Program for Children between the ages of 4 to 13 years old. UCMAS is a Whole Brain Development program for Children which uses the mental math skills and abacus techniques as a tool to enhance the various functional aspects of the brain.

Using the UCMAS brain boosting techniques, we try to trigger the right part of the brain of the child. As a result, over the time, the child develops memory, focus, concentration and other advance skills like problem solving and multi-tasking too.

In general, we all of us tend to use more of the left brain, rather than the right brain. But the right brain has the ability to process the information 8 times faster than the left, which we tend to use it less. UCMAS curriculum integrates the ancient techniques of abacus and the brain boosting ability of mental math to trigger the right part of the brain of the child.

Childrens are trained to use the Abacus which is the ancient tool used for computational purposes by various ancient civilizations. Students will manipulate the beads on the abacus and calculate numbers using the bead combinations. During the course of the time, they will imagine the beads in the mind and calculate the numbers at a rapid speed.

Classroom activities are designed to learn the techniques in a fun way. Students enjoy the classroom sessions as they are filled with various activities that makes it interesting and also boost their brain power. Assimilating the correct techniques that are taught in the class rooms and practicing them regularly through the assigned home work, helps the students achieve greater learning experience. We do conduct exciting summer camp for kids in the months of July and August 2019.

Recent research by various institutions has proved that UCMAS program helps children in improving their cognitive abilities and motor skills. The problem solving and multi-tasking skills acquired would pave way for adapting our students to various learning methodologies.

We strongly believe the success and achievement of our students is the results of the joint efforts of the committed parents and the incredible teachers. Committed parents like you are the key motivational factor for the children to succeed.

Our trained and experienced teachers put their heart and soul efforts to customize the classroom activities as per the needs of every student. Classroom activities are focussed on building advanced skills like multitasking, problem solving and boosting the memory power. After the end of each session, our friendly teachers give feedback about every student to their parents and also give tips and suggestions to the parents for helping their children at home in the areas that need improvement.

Galaxy Toppers is a UCMAS Mental Math School located at Parkway Mall at the Victoria Park/Ellesmere Road intersection. We started our journey in October 2013 with 16 students learning the UCMAS program at that time. Since then, we grew gradually to start training more students in the North York and Scarborough communities. Today, we are proud to announce that Galaxy Toppers Active Student’s strength has grown close to 300. We dedicate this success to all of you Parents for bestowing your trust and confidence in us. Thank you, parents, for giving us the support and encouragement which keeps us on the move to help our students come up in flying colors.

We are very proud of each one of the students for their success that was the result of their hard work and perseverance. All this, would not have been achieved without our teachers. Our teachers and staff have put the wholehearted efforts to train the students effectively. We render our humble thanks and appreciation to our teachers and staff.