Galaxy Toppers remains focussed in our vision to help young minds to discover their potential. As everyone, each one of us, do tend to show various degrees of learning capabilities and are recognised by our ability to respond to life’s situations and challenges in a time responsive manner. We cater to children requiring Individualized Education Plan (IEP), Instrumental Enrichment Program

As we grow, the world around us throws different challenges at us and gauges at our responses to handle what we come across. While most of us tend to ace this challenge in the most visible ways of conquering the same, there are some within us who falter at them. These happen when the set developmental milestones are not mastered and as a child grows, there may be a space set between their abilities and the world’s expectations.

Each child is a unique individual and would meet developmental milestones. Sometimes a little earlier or at times later than his peers. As parents, all we want is for our children to succeed. We hope for them to the best they can be. There are at all times factors influencing how a child succeeds and grows: genes and the environment. Children facing challenges with learning or showing learning disabilities are often left out. Galaxy Toppers partnering with specialized Educational Therapy groups, bring a chance for such children to break their barriers and bring upon their undiscovered potential out in the open.

Educational Therapy aims and caters to the following

Meet Needs:
Understand the gaps and meet the needs of our students in learning

Stimulate Thinking:
Improve the questioning skills which form the base of thinking and inquisitive expression

Learn Strategies:
Assist and develop a student’s ability to think, understand, reason and process the information outlaid

Strengthen Skills:
Aid the children in reading, spellings, written expression and proper math problem solving

Build Confidence:
Break the barrier and build confidence in the child

Galaxy Toppers brings Educational Therapy for children who display challenges and are fighting a learning weakness. Our Educational Therapists are trained individuals who works with struggling learners in a one-on-one or group therapy setting. They are specifically equipped with the ability to identify and assess student learning needs. They then create and implement individual educational therapy plans utilizing the therapy techniques specific to the learning goals for each student.